Episode 013 - TCD TEN - Ten People Who Survived their Executions

April 29, 2017

TCD Ten is True Crime Dungeon's version of a compilation of ten people or events related to the true crime genre. Examples include, ten underage killers or ten deaths that occurred at a specific place.

Today's TCD Ten highlights Ten People Who Survived their Executions.

  • Maggie Dickinson - Survived even after being hanged for 30 minutes
  • Willie Francis - Survived his first execution attempt by electric chair
  • Joseph Samuel - Survived as the hanging mechanism got botched multiple times
  • John "Half-Hanged" Smith - Survived even after being hanged for more than 15 minutes
  • Romell Broom - Survived as they couldn't find a single usable vein to apply the lethal injection
  • William Duell - Survived being hanged and was back to full health the next day
  • John "Babbacombe" Lee - Survived a hanging as the trapdoor malfunctioned 3 times
  • Wenseslao Moguel - Survived being shot at close range by a firing squad
  • Zoleykhah Kadkhoda - Survived a stoning after being convicted of adultery
  • Anne Green - Hanged but came back to life after being given a Tobacco Smoke Enema

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